Preparing for the Pacific, Part I: FOOOOOOD!

Preparing for our trip across the pacific has been an exercise in overcoming my obsessive compulsive tendencies.

First, there is the food. OMG. FOOOOOOD! Food is IMPORTANT. The thought of being in the middle of nowhere and not having something wonderfully tasty to eat is to me…well, unthinkable. So I shopped, and I bought, and I calculated, and I schemed…and I packed all that shit up in little snaplock containers to keep out the bugs, and I stowed it away on shelves and under the seats, and I filled every little space beneath the floorboards with awesomely tasty FOOD.

And so there I am, super prepared; fully stocked up with supplies to last us for many months to come…

But, you know what sucks? We keep on EATING. I mean, every day, three times a day… I stocked up with supplies to last us comfortably for months; and the next thing I know, we’ve eaten a whole packet of musli, and half our veges, and we’re chowing down on cans of tomatoes like nobody’s business.

And I look at those empty spaces on my shelf and get all sad, and I feel this incredible urge, this undying compulsion, to fill them up again…

So yeah. I’ve been thinking about it, and perhaps the solution is that we just have to eat at restaurants until we leave for the Galapagos next week.


One response to “Preparing for the Pacific, Part I: FOOOOOOD!

  1. At least you know you like the food. Is it hard to fill the shelves again? Does eating your foodstock save you time instead of going to eat at restaurants? Probably cheaper than eating at the restaurants. I love filling my shelves with food. Hee hee. Have fun grasshopper.

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